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  • All trees harvested from Madera International’s forests have been pre-selected by the ABT, the governing body in charge of ensuring the sustainability of Boliva’s wood industry. Under the threat of stiff penalties by the government of Bolivia, Madera International Ltd. is allowed only to harvest trees selected by the ABT, a rigid process monitored by frequest inspections, both within the forests and during transport of the wood at more than 20 checkpoints throughout Bolivia.

    Madera International’s forests are divided into sections; each section of each forest is harvestable only once every twenty years. Within each section, trees identified as ready for extraction by the ABT are given an identifying number and are tracked by GPS. The selected trees are marked by silver plates that Madera International's foresters use to identify the tree, both before they’ve harvested it and after, as each log is marked throughout transport with its unique number assigned by the ABT. Each tree extracted from our forests can be tracked from its original location to its final destination based on its unique identifying number.

    Once Madera International Ltd. has completed harvesting the approved trees from a specific section of forest, that section of forest lies dormant for the next twenty years. Numerous seedling trees selected by the ABT are left within the section to repopulate the area, while young growth trees benefit from the additional light in the forest resulting from the extraction of larger trees.